AL 001100

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Data sheet

Description Powerful switching power supply with modern ventilation technology, compact dimensions and high HF resistance.
Input voltage 200-240 VCA 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 1-15 Volts DC tunable
Output power 180 Watts
Max Load 0-60 A tunable
Bonus Remote programing
Size 220 x 90 x 275 mm
Weight 4,2 kg
Deliver with AC power cable with safety plug

More info

Wired analogue remote controls of ON/OFF , V, and I
3 user presets on unit
Open circuit Constant current limit
Isolated ground and active PFC

Most :

The fan automatically adjusts to the power currently required and does not operate permanently at full speed.

The output voltage and amps are infinitely variable and can be read on the digital display.

With this power supply, you can make three basic settings for volts and amps and thus for power, for example. prepare for different tasks.

Technical data :

    Digital display (2x 3-digit LED for volts and amperes separately)

    Output connections at the front for small consumers (up to 5 amperes)

    Main connections at the rear (up to 60 amperes)

    Remote control socket on the back (wired remote control possible)

    Regulators for volts and amps can change behavior. Either "smooth" and very accurate or just faster

Security :

    Overload protection

    Overvoltage protection (AC input)

    Overheating protection

    Glass fuse accessible from the outside (next to the IEC socket)